The Summer of the Dragonfly

Sweet Isabella

Sweet Isabella

Catching up on the lives of my Facebook friends this morning, I came across a post that I felt needed to be shared.

Many of you may know that my family and I have been touched by a little girl named Isabella Santos whose battle with neuroblastoma ended last year. Her fight was worthy and noble, all I can say is that I was proud to know her even though I never met her.

Today, her Mom Erin posted her first blog for this reason…

“This simple blog is just my brain dump. I started this so that I can survive every day and continue to get out of bed. Some days the blog will be about Isabella and some days it will be about a good turkey sandwich I ate. So bear with me kids… Not sure what I’m really doing yet.” – Erin

Erin is a beautiful writer, raw and true and you feel her emotions grip your heart and soul. So, please take a moment to read her words…you will see where Isabella got her strength, determination and desire to overcome.



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